About Us
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About Us

About Our Company

Strong and smooth connectivity is the key to triumph. To keep the pace between people and businesses we are providing our A2P SMS services e.g. a radical prototype of this era; we are connecting people and devices from any location to bring a revolutionary change in traditional means of communication via messaging. Since 2010, TEWAYS is sustaining its pedestal as a key regional player in the world of telecommunications and acting as a SMS International HUB by interacting with mobile operators from round the globe to smooth the progress of international data and SMS flow without any hindrance! TEWAYS is also collaborating with some of the tier 1 mobile operators and service providers in Middle East, Africa and wider world.

Our customer centric values striving us hard to bring future near you by providing exceptional connectivity solutions worldwide. Our 24/7 active team of telecom engineers is a proof of workforce diversity, all time active in all regions of the world to respond you on the go! At TEWAYS, you will see the transformation of your thoughts into reality. Our credibility is our guarantee!

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To become a most reliable medium to connect people and businesses!

What we Value?

We value innovation, reliance, global exposure, workforce diversity, customer satisfaction, engagement and collaboration!

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide flawless and reliable messaging service to individuals and enterprises by developing the incredible suite of messaging solutions.

We are a team of Telecom Engineers

At TEWAYS, we have a team of exceptionally talented telecom engineers and sales directors working with us from round the globe for bringing innovation in your lives. Our team is providing successful solutions to our aggressive partners to earn huge revenues and grow their business with the assistance of uninterrupted SMS and DATA flow!