CPA Marketing Model in Bulk SMS
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CPA Marketing Model in Bulk SMS

CPA Marketing Model in Bulk SMS

When investing in digital marketing for your business, return on investment (ROI) is crucial for success.

You spend hard earned Money on digital advertising (google,facebook,….).  You hope this money turns clicks into sales

It’s difficult to maintain a strong enough return on investment to scale your marketing efforts.

Spend your money on real business results – sales

Instead of Impressions and clicks

What is CPA  (Cost Per Action)  Marketing Model?

CPA marketing most scalable and ROI-positive way to monetize business

CPA marketing pay after the sale occurs at a rate you determine.

EX:  if you’re selling a $20 party entrance ticket and you pay your CPA partner a 10% commission , you only pay $2 in marketing and enjoy (ROAS) of 10:1.

How Does CPA Marketing Model Work With TEWAYS  CPA-BULK SMS?

The CPA-Bulk SMS model is a simple concept once you break down into how it works and who’s involved.

  • TEWAYS SMS provider that will invest in the client product and send the campaign on his behalf for a revenue share when the sales action occur
  • Business Owner: the product owner that is presented to TEWAYS to agree on investing in marketing it using bulk SMS
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