Your message will be delivered after knowing the validity; it will save your time and money, after all!

Home Location Register. HLR lookup is the most reliable and valid platform to verify any mobile phone number. Through this service, a mobile user can effortlessly switch from one network to another without changing their phone number.

What does HLR stands for?

In recent years HLR lookup and MNP (Mobile Number Portability) has gained a lot of popularity because of its attractive features. In the presence of so many network options, a lot of people are opting for this conversion method to their ease; due to this, the pledge of prompt message delivery is becoming difficult.

Is is requisite?

TEWAYS HLR lookup service is a solution to this problem; our service is specifically designed to facilitate you by verifying the validity of the targeted number before sending your message. By dint of this incredible service, your time and money will be saved.

Teways HLR lookup service

How to get this service?

You can get this service in your systems in a matter of seconds by applying via Http, web portal or SMPP request. TEWAYS will allow you to enjoy effective routing in a budget-friendly manner. Our service will make sure that you will face no fraud or scam through the accurate interacting system.


We have built a powerful and sound relationship with global mobile operators and have access to the national mobile number database, which is why we guarantee the accurate broadcast of the messages to the intended mobile network.

  • Ease of virtual number verification
  • Cost-effective
  • Best voice and text message route
  • Our HLR lookup service will provide crucial information like receiver’s IMSI, MSC, MCC, MNC, MCCMNC, network name, data roaming
  • A special feature to prevent network scams
  • Direct dealing with the customer without the hindrance of any third party
  • Database cleanup feature
  • Assurance of maximum message delivery rate by MNP system
  • We provide 24/7 technical support via an online portal


Strong and smooth connectivity is the key to triumph. To keep the pace between people and businesses we are providing our premium A2P SMS services e.g. a radical prototype of this era.

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