The main purpose to state this message is to get sanction from Government to introduce an innovation in Telecom Industry in a specific country that will provide tangible benefits to telecom enterprises, Mobile/Fixed lines Subscribers and Government. Through this initiative we are intended to make considerable changes in the traditional styles of the International telecom traffic system.

To implement this scheme, our basic aim is to keep a hold on the uniqueness and exclusivity of Gateway to link incoming and outgoing International traffic towards Government and provide a smooth bridge for experienced enterprises to get control over Gateway with legal consent. Through this incredible idea, the Government will get access to claim the Gateway; hence it will become a valuable and beneficial resource for all stakeholders.


The entire international incoming and outgoing voice and data traffic of a specific country fall under the umbrella of The International Gateway. It is a Gateway to connect a country with the outer world with the assistance of Satellite and fiber cables. The Government bodies require licensing, but due to the deregulation of International Gateway License issuance, more quacks are operating their business as a sole proprietor without a license or legal consent. The International Gateway License Management Solution and Service is the authority that works under the Ministry of Communication, the authority has the right to encounter these issues and the best solution is the submission of accurate statistical data to the Government. There is also a need to complain against any suspicious activity in the International traffic situation of the country. TEWAYS team of technicians and consultants will provide this assistance to the Government to track their International traffic affairs.

  • Our fraud controls system and transparency features will assist the Government to restore their lost revenues.
  • This Gateway will provide a better quality of International incoming and outgoing call service, it will satisfy the subscribers and will help to retain the customer loyalty
  • Advancement in the aptitude of International traffic will increase the accessibility ratio
  • This Gateway will provide safe and secure user experience by hindering the interference of illegal Gateways to operate and interrupt the calling quality


  1. It will differentiate between Licensed vs. Unlicensed
  • The Gateway will identify the unlicensed and illegal International gateway operators
  • The daily reporting system will promptly report the startup of any Illegal International gateway
  1. International Gateway Capacity Usage Reporting
  • Detailed reporting (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) about the capacity usage and KPI of International gateway will be provided
  • Operator performances will be compared with other operators with the help of Time Frame Compare system
  1. Local and International Interconnect Capacity Usage Reporting
  • Detailed reporting (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) about the capacity usage and KPI of all interconnect gateway will be provided
  • Operator performances will be compared with other operators with the help of Time Frame Compare system
  • Dispute resolution center will also be included
  1. Transparency in International Gateway Service quality percentage

All of the following percentages will be measured on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis;

  • Call connectivity percentage
  • Call answering percentage
  • Average call duration
  • Why people cut the call in between due to bad quality
  • Week’s day to day comparison
  1. International Call Summary
  • We have the best 25 incoming and outgoing International Call Destinations.
  1. Expert Advice
  • Our team of experts is 24/7 available online to provide you assistance on the go.


Our proposal is free of cost and in return, it will help the Government to regain their lost revenues by the cancellation of the license of illegal International Operators and charging those licensing fees and other dues. The details of the proposal are given in below section;

  • The willing enterprise should develop a complete standard International Gateway infrastructure (should have all the required investments including equipment setup and earth station)
  • A private entity is liable to undertake all the legal actions under the consent of the Government and have a revenue share with the Government. Both stakeholders signed a BOT agreement for a period of 7 to 10 years.
  • The enterprise should connect the telecom operators of the country with the International carriers from outside the country and operate under the standard norms
  • The enterprise should be capable enough to take control over the complete International Gateway managed by the respective Government entity, i.e. recruitment of qualified workforce


The shares will be divided into all stakeholders after the calculation and deduction of operating expenses and other direct costs. The government of Country, Management Company, local partner, private venture, and TEWAYS Telecom are all the stakeholders. The share allocation to all stakeholders will be divided as follow;

  • Government will secure its shares without investing
  • The management company is the authority who will have access to the entire project handling
  • The private investors will agree to contribute to all financial needs
  • TEWAYS will manage all the on-going operations

Our International Gateway Management Service is the solution to get rid of illegal and unlicensed International operators; in simple words, it’s a medium for the Government to regain their lost revenues without any nuisance. With the help of our International Gateway, the Government will get an independent statistical source that will aid them in decision making and policy generation.


TEWAYS is proudly providing its services all around the globe. For further help, please refer to our website link.


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