Efficient two way messaging

A way to interact with your customers through SMS

Communication is not a one-way street, to dominate the narrative; companies should include communicating via 2-Way messaging in their connectivity strategies to build sturdy relationships with their customers. For any business size (major to minor), TEWAYS is providing reliable and efficient 2-Way messaging services from locals to global. TEWAYS is driving real-time automation into your business communication workflow through this service. Either you have any virtual number active on your remote device specifically dedicated to your business; your customers have the liberty to send you direct messages anytime at the standard cost of SMS.

Is is worth the hype?

Yes, it is! 2-Way messaging is an incredibly intelligent and effective medium to connect with your client base. You can build healthy relationships with existing clients as well as approach potential clients and engage them with leads you got from their response towards your marketing campaigns.


First you need to purchase a virtual number dedicated to your business.


You can use your number as sender ID. Your audience can send you message back on this number. Your number can be used as a contact method for your business


You will get access to your TEWAYS account panel and the message you receive will be displayed on your control panel. You can also set a callback URL as per your choice and our team will ask your consent before directing the message to your mentioned URL.


We have different payment packages for our users; you have to select a monthly payment plan to enjoy our 2-way messaging service.


  • You are assigned with a unique personalized virtual number
  • You have the liberty to approach your targeted audience
  • You are not bound to continue, if you feel uncomfortable you can deactivate your number anytime
  • Service cost is minimal


Strong and smooth connectivity is the key to triumph. To keep the pace between people and businesses we are providing our premium A2P SMS services e.g. a radical prototype of this era.

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