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We are living in the era of technology, and the significance of mobile uses cannot be ignored. It has become the need of the day. Due to increased demand mobile companies are running in the race of introducing innovative technologies with every passing day. TEWAYS is also a new entrant in this industry but with high aims and innovative approaches. We are honored to state that we are providing our innovative and ground-breaking services for the application development of Android, Windows, iPhone, and Blackberry. You can achieve your all mobile-oriented needs under one roof.

An overview of our


Location App Development

You just share your raw idea with us; we will create an application to give life to your dreams. These days, the demand for location app development is sky-scraping the market . We take modest pride by offering location development facility according to the demand of our clients.

Mobile App Solutions

TEWAYS is facilitating entrepreneurs, enterprises and startup businesses to boost up their mean businesses by developing innovative and updated mobile applications. We are adopting and implementing novel strategies to provide the best possible mobile app solutions to our clients.

In-App Purchase

We have introduced solutions for monetization to businesses through Payment Gateway integrations (PayPal). It will provide a complete in-app purchase facility.

Customize App Development

You just name the app; we will create it for you within the stipulated time! We are developing customized apps for our clients by keeping their every single demand in mind.

We Commit To Quality

Quality is our priority; TEWAYS is providing bona fide and bug-free app development to its clients to gain customer loyalty and satisfaction.

What is the demand ratio of


IoT, Artificial intelligence, AR and VR technologies gave rise to the demand for innovation in mobile app developments. By assessing the emerging trends of the market, it is obvious that companies are in dire need to regulate their business through mobile apps to connect with the world at a faster pace. Mobile apps are the dominating trend of this epoch.


To cope up with the mushrooming trends of mobile app development in the world, TEWAYS is also standing side by side and developing mobile apps enriched with all needed features. Let’s have a look at what it takes to develop a mobile app!


Our first step is to authenticate the feasibility area, we check all the potential outcomes of the app before its development and share the consequences with our clients.


After analysis, we create a sketch of the app and keep intact all components of the design to precede the process.


The next step in app development is to properly synchronize all the components (information architecture, Visual design layout, and interaction design).


At this point, we plan multiple aspects (resource management, cost, and roadmap and trial product) according to the product requirement.


All the above steps are now integrated into a clickable trail product to give a final product preface.


The last step is the development of the product. The timeline varies according to different scenarios like the complexity of programming language, marketing plan, etc. we count the exact time required in product delivery in the planning process and will always deliver on time.


Over the last couple of years, Apple has made its significance in the market. Their innovation is their uniqueness. iPhone App Development has provided a paramount satisfaction level to its users and has a huge fan following in Dubai, UAE. iPhone App developers are not easy to find, but no worries, you can hire our experienced iPhone app developers and enjoy the utmost user experience of this coveted gadget.


Our team of experts is keeping an eagle eye on every latest intervention in Android mobiles as well and develops Android Apps to cope with the needs of the phones. We are confident enough to state that our services will exceed your expectation.


Strong and smooth connectivity is the key to triumph. To keep the pace between people and businesses we are providing our premium A2P SMS services e.g. a radical prototype of this era.

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